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Best Diablo 3 Gold Site Finds New Legendary D3 Items in Patch 1.0.7


What do legendary items mean to you? For Diablo 3 players, the dropping rate for legendary items in game just has a great increase in patch 1.0.5 a few months ago. But in patch 1.0.6, it seems that there’s no interesting news any more until the patch 1.0.7 is available on PTR server. With playing the new patch, you do need amounts of Diablo 3 gold to exchange great equipments or weapons for your character. If you are familiar with CheapDiablo, you would be sure that it is the best Diablo 3 gold site! Today, you are supposed to get some information about new legendary items in patch 1.0.7 on CheapDiablo site!

Legendary item 1 – The Grin Reaper

This helm may be a good choice for a Witch Doctor. When release skill, you will have a chance to transform three skeletons within 5 seconds. Further more, two of these skeletons will attack the enemies over movement. When you are summoning, the Mimics will remove the conditions that comes from the elites. And the Mimics would use your skills like Zombie Bear, Soul Harvest, Grasp of the Dead.  When the Mimics use these skills, it wouldn’t cause damage, while some runes would be trigged.

Legendary item 2 – Puzzle Ring

This item can be used for all classes in Diablo 3! What’s the important effect for this ring is that there will be 20% chance to call forth a Goblin when you are hitting. And it would be a good choice if you want to enjoy the process of chasing Goblin!

Legendary item 3 – Death Watch Mantle

What you may pay attention to this item is that you would get a chance to explode with knives when hit by enemies and the damage is about 5000 to 7000.

Legendary item 4 – Maximus

Obviously, this item is good for Enchantress. It is possible for you to get a 30% chance to summon the Demonic Slave to offense more damage when you are attacking. Just to equip the items with attack speed and summon more salves!

Legendary item 5 – Server

With Server, your enemies will die without body. It is really interesting for 1-hand sword. When the enemies died it would cause more than several times damage and the opponents would never resurrect again.

Here are the legendary items for Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7! If you find that you need to buy d3 gold or Diablo 3 items online, please don’t hesitate to choose! Enjoy an amazing life in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 now! Have fun!

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