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Best Place to Buy Gold Diablo 3 and Enjoy Guide for Monk in PvP 1.0.7


Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 now is available for all players on PTR. As Blizzard announced that there are many changes that player will meet in the new patch which includes dueling in PvP, Wizard and Monk improvement, new items and gems as well as monster power in public games. All changes in the new patch are good news for all players. And you can enjoy these changes on PTR now. Of course, enough Diablo 3 gold will be helpful for you to enjoy patch 1.0.7 and you can still find the best place to buy gold Diablo 3 – CheapDiablo. Today, I would share a guide for Monk in PvP patch 1.0.7!

Taking good use of your heals

For Monk in Diablo 3, he is one of the only classes in the game with direct healing spells. Compared with in PvE, surviving is more important in PvP while these come at the cost of damage ability slots. As we know that Breath of Heaven is a heal with a short cool down that primarily heals allies in game. While you can slightly change what it does through the skill rune, Circle of Life can be a good choice which increases the amount of healing it does. Serenity is an ability which can function as a heal, but is mostly used for the invulnerability it provides to the Monk. Serenity will last a whole four seconds when you use Ascension skill rune which can get you critical time when taking heavy damage. Finally, Inner Sanctuary is an ability that places a stationary bubble on the ground. Consecration increases its duration so that you and your allies can be shielded from harm for that much longer.

Damaging abilities

For Monk, although they may be the best reactive healer in game, it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of doing damage. With Sweeping Wind skill, there will be a large circle around the Monk and the enemies will be damaged with it. Blade Storm is the preferred skill rune with lesser gear, but Cyclone becomes a more attractive option when you’ve acquired more crit. Exploding Palm applies a DoT to the target making them take damage over time for Monk. If the target dies while the DoT still remains, they will explode and damage all nearby enemies. Finally, Cyclone Strike lets you pull enemies toward you from afar giving your group a chance to get kills. Implosion increases the pull distance making it an even more effective skill.

Passive skills for Monk

As a fact that Monks are the only class that currently has a passive skills. You can simply stack fire resistance or lightning resistance when all other Diablo 3 classes are forced to stack the expensive resist all stat. For your main stat, you can seize the Initiative to increase your armor by an amount equal to your Dexterity. Transcendence makes all Spirit you spend heal you. When you stack more life per Spirit spent on your gear, you will be able to heal yourself up quickly with hurting your enemies in game!

PvP is really a great challenge for all Diablo 3 fans and you’re supposed to get more enjoyment with these new changes in patch 1.0.7. With these tips for Monk in PvP patch 1.0.7, hope you can enjoy an amazing moment with your Monk! For any need with Diablo 3 gold, please feel free to come to CheapDiablo to enjoy cheap d3 gold! Have fun!

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