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Best Place to Buy Gold Diablo 3 and Get Ideas for Legacy Natalya’s


Demon Hunter is a popular choice for players to choose in Diablo 3 since it war announced by Blizzard. To build an awesome DH in game, great gears and equipments are necessary. What players focused on most is Legacy Natalya’s. Although the prices of Legacy Natalya’s set have lower recently, it still costs a pretty Diablo 3 gold to get one. You may need to spend countless hours to farm enough gold for building an excellent DH. Or you can choose to buy gold online, and now CheapDiablo must be the best place to buy gold Diablo 3. Today, let’s see some information about Legacy Natalya’s!

What is Legacy Natalya's Set (LNats)?

LNats is a gear set from before the buff to Legendary items. During a random patch, Blizzard accidentally changed the set bonus on Natalya's to provide +2 discipline regeneration per second. That, as a result, means your discipline regenerates at 3x the normal speed. This is huge! Blizzard said they were not going to nerf the glitch but instead buff all the other items to offset it.

What are the useful pieces of LNats?

You can use the ring, the helm, the chest piece, and the boots as pieces of LNats. The stats LNats provides are awful, so don't bother with the set at all unless you have all four of these pieces equipped to get that juicy set bonus. The weapon is complete trash, and if you somehow find yourself with it, take a giant dump on it and curse whatever moron designed such a piece of trash equipment piece for end-game.

Random side note: If you are fully decking out in the NEW Natalya's set, same rule applies (kind of). While you don't have to aim for the four pieces listed above, the weapon is still a sack of garbage.

How much will LNats cost you?

The cheapest possible full set will run you a minimum of 32 million d3 gold based on current AH prices. 95% of this cost is the ring, Natalya's Mark, and I advise saving up for this piece first if you choose to explore this gear after reading the guide, as the other pieces are far easier to obtain. The best LNats will obviously cost you billions of gold, with the best pieces not even listed on the AH. I have personally been looking for a ring with 3.5 crit chances, 7 ASI, high Dex and Vit for ages, and have yet to find one below 1 billion gold.

How to get enough Diablo 3 gold?

Since full set will cost so much gold in game, you need to find a way to get enough gold for your DH all the time. One way is that you can spend countless hours to farm poor amounts of gold in game. The other way is that you can find a reliable site to buy cheap Diablo 3 gold so that you can get enough gold quickly. CheapDiablo has provided customers cheap d3 gold for rather a long time and has been one of the best site to buy d3 gold for players. Whenever you come to our site to buy Diablo 3 gold, you will meet the lowest price. And we promise that you will get the gold only within 10 minutes from us!

Just enjoy the great Legacy Natalya’s set for your Demon Hunter in Diablo 3! Feeling hard to farm enough Diablo 3 gold, welcome to CheapDiablo to enjoy cheapest d3 gold with fast delivery! Have a good time!

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