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Buy Diablo 3 Gold Cheap & Get Tips for Farming Gold in Act 3 Diablo 3 1.0.6


Have you found a really good way to farm gold in your Diablo 3? Farming lots of Diablo 3 gold in the game seems really a hard work for many players. Usually, you spend amounts of time but only get little gold as return. When you come to CheapDiablo to buy Diablo 3 gold cheap, you will be able to get great free guides for the game. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.6 has been provided for players for several days. And now, I would share three tips for farming gold in act 3 Diablo 3 patch 1.0.6! 

Tip 1: Protect yourself with Achaefer’s Hammer

When you farm in act 3, you will get a chance to get truly eye-popping dropping items which worth staging amounts. This is very important in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 and patch 1.0.6. To get to that point, it seems quite difficult to do for many players. Before you farm gold in this area, you should guarantee that you can survive. Achaefer’s Hammer is a good choice for players as it will protect your characters with lightning. This allows you to build a very powerful character without investing too much into DPS but you can still get lots of d3 gold as returns.

Tip 2: Focus on crit damage and crit chance

It’s a good suggestion that you pay attention to getting crit damage and crit chance, then maximizing Vitality and Life %, All Resist and Armor. The attribute combination of choice on this weapon after testing several (including the life steal ones) is a high proc chance on the effect (40%+ is ideal) combined with as much critical hit damage as possible (there's only one free attribute, so if you get crit damage, everything else is a guaranteed effect). Then you will be richer at very short time!

Tip 3: Barb is a good choice to farm gold

Did you get two sticking points for Bard characters: Belial and Ghom? Besides those two points, this character just keeps chugging away and very rarely dying. In this way, it’s a good choice for you to choose to use public games to get past. If you don’t have a Barb, it worth to you to level one up just to get any easy to farm with character for Act 3 on the cheap. After tried, you will find that it’s really a cheap deal for you to get lots of d3 gold as returns. 

It’s true that everyone has his own way to farm gold in Diablo 3. But what I mentioned above is really helpful tips for farming gold in Act 3 Diablo 3 patch 1.0.6! Welcome to CheapDiablo to get cheap Diablo 3 gold and more guides for the game!

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