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Buy Diablo 3 Gold Cheapest and Learn Views on Paragon vs Magic Find


What gear you got for your character can make a big effect on what you can get in game. For Diablo 3 players, you should clearly know what you want in game such as Gold Find or Magic Find. It’s true that All Resist, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Vit / Life % and the 3 prime stats are the most important. Whatever you want to get for your character, you do need enough Diablo 3 gold. For buying gold online, CheapDiablo always be your first choice. Now, you can buy Diablo 3 gold cheapest on our site and get views on Paragon vs Magic Find which has been a hot issue among Diablo 3 players in a long time!

Way of the Paragon - Focus on paragon leveling.

The higher your dps, the faster you kill mobs and the more you kill the more chances you get at loot. Each mob is like a slot machine, the more you pull the lever, the more chances you get to hit the jackpot. XP/hour is most important (focus on mob density).

Way of the Magic Seeker - Focus on loot. 

The higher your MF the more rares you get. As your Plvl increases, wean yourself off MF gear. The higher prop rares you get the more chances you have to make a good amount of Diablo 3 gold. Rares/hour is most important (focus on locating and killing elites).

Way of the Hunter - Focus on efficiency.

Your efficiency is determined by the amount of rares/hour or xp/hour. Efficiency is hindered by almost every aspect of the game. Even something as simple as picking up items affects your efficiency. If you're picking up items that have absolutely no value, you are being inefficient. If your run speed is not capped, you are wasting a lot of time walking between mobs (inefficient). In any case, your dps should be high enough to 1-2 shot trash mobs and kill rares/elites in a few seconds. Once your dps is this high, raising it more will not increase your efficiency. Your choices are to either increase the MP or increase your MF. This is the sweet spot you can locate where you clear quickly and have high MF allowing you a somewhat best of both worlds kind of scenario.

After learning these views on Paragon vs Magic Find, you can notice that whatever you want to get in game, you should get yourself be strong enough. You can shop in the AH for gears and items for your character with amounts of d3 gold. Whenever you need to buy d3 gold, you can come to CheapDiablo to find the cheapest gold! Have fun!

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