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Buy Diablo Gold PayPal and Get Tips for Level 60 Barbarian


It’s holiday season and great chance for Diablo 3 players to enjoy the game! But it doesn’t mean that you have much time playing the game. And so just take the time to enjoy a good holiday! Farming gold in game really needs much time! You can save much time as you want by buying Diablo 3 gold online! Now, if you buy Diablo gold PayPal on CheapDiablo, you will meet lots of great promotions! Today, I would share some tips for level 60 Barbarian in the game! 

Some general benchmarks to aim for:

1. 500 allres unbuffed

2. 5000 armor unbuffed

3. 35k life

4. 25-30 crit chance from gear

5. 6% life steal. Early on 1000 Life on Hit to supplement.

Those are some basic Inferno stats. You can get by with less but with stats like that you will at least be survivable in most situations. I built a set like that as an exercise over the weekend and the total cost was no more than 2,3M including 7 perfect square rubies and 2 radiant square emeralds so it's not terribly expensive to get there.

What I advice for you is to look for basic items on the AH that are about to expire on a low bid. You can get some tremendous deals that way - for example I picked up a 125str 125vit 70 allures shoulder for 2100g, 27 str, 120 vit, 70 allures, 3 socket chest piece for 1600g, 75 str 150 vit 60 allures +200 armor 2 socket pants for 2500g and so on. Armor is very cheap to come by when you know what to look for and aim a little below what "most" people want. So, search slot by slot, alternating stats and look for the absolute cheapest. Bids only and I'm sure you can get a full working set with 900k just fine.

Besides, the most important thing for you is to get much d3 gold. For nice items and great weapons for you barbarian, you do need much Diablo 3 gold. You should find really good locations to farm amounts of gold with much time. Otherwise, you may never get the top equipments for your characters. If you want to get much d3 gold quickly, you can choose CheapDiablo to buy cheap d3 gold and then you can continue enjoying the game better! And now, we have a great promotion on our site! You will enjoy an extra 10% bonus for Diablo 3 gold in Normal Mode so that you can save much with us!

Wish you can enjoy your barbarian with these tips! Please feel free to come to CheapDiablo to buy cheap d3 gold whenever you need! We will do our best to help you enjoy your game! Have fun!

The CheapDiablo Team

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