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Cheapest Gold for Diablo 3 Help You Get Best Gear for Witch Doctor


No matter which character you use in Diablo 3, finding a way to get the best equipment for your character is the only thing that Diablo 3 players care about. For getting best gears or equipments for your character, it’s no doubt that enough Diablo 3 gold is necessary. Today, I would provide you information of the cheapest gold for Diablo 3 and share some great tips with witch doctor! You can enjoy the cheapest d3 gold with best tips on CheapDiablo!

Helm: Pick up a Zunimassa's Vision, without any crit they're ridiculously cheap - 50k with >200 Int not to mention have some life built in so you can replace your gem with a bonus exp one.

Neck: Ideally you'd want one with crit chance/damage, but with your current damage levels LoH is more valuable to you than LS so you may just want to keep this one for now.

Shoulders: For under 500k you can get an Int only Vile Ward, which will also net you a decent amount of AR, armour and LpS so it's a bit of a trade off. Just sort them by Int, get one with 190+.

Chest: Right stats just more of them. A low end Zunimassa's Marrow will set you back around a million, so you may want to hold off on that for now but as a perk you'd get the 2p bonus - 130 int.

Bracers: Pretty sure you could get one with double the Int for under 100k but not more d3 gold.

Gloves: Good for now, but you may be able to pick up similar ones with vitality(or AR, not both) and higher dps stats for reasonably cheap - think 100 int, 30% CD and 7-8% crit, higher than that will cost you a fortune.

Belt: Witching Hour is way out of your price range for now, so in the meantime make it one of your defensive slots - one with higher int, AR and +/- armour, life regen.

Rings: Not a whole lot you can do here for cheap. As a WD the ones you'll be aiming for have damage, Int, crit chance, crit damage - anything decent will be about a mil. Right now I'd be looking at getting one with higher int and one to two of the DPS stats - highest priority would be crit chance.

Boots: Good for now, work your way towards a nice pair of Zunimassa's Trail, you're going to want 4p eventually.

Weapon: You may as well pick up a Manajuma's Carving Knife. Without a socket they're really cheap (<100k), just get one with around 850 dps and >80% crit damage.

Offhand: You have two options here, Thing of the Deep or Uhkapian Serpent. TotD will be better for farming (guaranteed +20 pick up radius), whereas Uhkapian will usually have higher DPS for the same price as it can roll an extra 1.5% crit, and it also has +bonus dmg to elites which you won't see on your character sheet DPS.

Hope you can get some idea with these tips for witch doctor! Lacking Diablo 3 gold in building, welcome to visit CheapDiablo site! You will find the cheapest Diablo gold here! Have fun!

The CheapDiablo Team

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