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Cheapest Place to Buy Diablo 3 with Best Ways to Get Good Loot


Have you been ready for Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7? As I have said that Diablo 3 gold plays an important role in game, you should collect enough gold before the big changes in new patch. If you don’t have enough time to farm much gold in game, you can still prepare well for 1.0.7 with buying Diablo 3 gold online. Did you find cheapest place to buy Diablo 3? CheapDiablo is a good choice for Diablo 3 players with cheap d3 gold for sale and super fast delivery and considerate service all the time. Today, CheapDiablo would like to share some tips for getting good loot in game!

Don't pick up gems, tomes, potions, and crappy yellows.

Aside from just the time spent picking things up, you will waste less time in town IDing tons of items that have virtually no chance of selling regardless of the roll. This may be difficult for some players at first, primarily because you may don’t instantly know what yellows were crappy, and partially because you just found it difficult to leave loot lying on the ground. But you should decide what yellow items you want to pick up (picking up gloves and jewelry, and also bracers and 1-handers only if you’re standing right on top of them) and use the d3 item guide to learn the names of the high level items so you can recognize them. To some degree you can ctrl+mouse over the items when you're first learning but that of course will slow you down.

Don't run at an MP level that is too high.

If you're not melting through enemies, including elites, you're not maximizing your chances of finding good loot. I completely understand if you want the game to be more of a challenge and you're certainly welcome to use a more challenging MP level but it's not going to give you your best chances at finding good loot.

Wear MF gear and do Alkazier runs.

Here you are suggested to wear MF gear. This one is a bit more controversial but you should know that it does pay dividends. As you know, max paragon level ultimately make MF gear worthless but it is going to take you rather long time to get to P100 and of course you want to find loot while you are getting there. Run with max MF and when paragon levels put you over max MF you can upgrade a piece of equipment and drop the MF on it. MF is not particularly expensive these days, either. For doing Alkazier runs, you can notice that it’s good for XP, good for loot. Keep Depths 2 with 5NV is your best friend.

Just enjoy the game with these tips and you will maximum the loot drops. For any need with Diablo 3 gold in game, welcome to CheapDiablo to enjoy the cheapest Diablo 3 gold! Have a good time!

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