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Detailed Information about Maximum Magic Find and Gold Find Values in Diablo 3


For Diablo 3 players, Magic Find and Gold Find are certainly rather familiar! But, do you know all detailed information about the Magic Find and Gold Find values in Diablo 3? I think there’s few friends can give a great answer for this. Since there are many players discuss  Magic Find and Gold Find in Diablo 3, today I would share some information about highest Magic Find and Gold Find totals possible in Diablo 3 and also a list of all Legendary and Set items that can boost Magic Find or Gold Find. 

Maximum Magic Find Values

As the highest possible Magic Find and Gold Find of any two rings provided in Legacy of Wicked Dreams, it’s true that even though neither of the individual rings has any inherent bonus to those stats. What they have are 2 and 3 random affix slots each, and a 15% MF/GF set bonus, allowing two perfect MF/GF rolls and a resulting 55MF/65GF pair of rings.

CheapDiablo Magic and Gold Find values

Maximum magic find values for character equipment:

45% Amulet (Rare)

55% Ring (Legacy of the Wicked Dreams set bonus)

51% Helm (20% + 31% Perfect Radiant Topaz in socket)

20% Shoulders (Rare)

20% Chest (Rare)

20% Belt (Rare)

20% Boots (Rare)

20% Bracers (Rare)

20% Gloves (Rare)

20% Pants (Rare)

20% Shield/Quiver/Orb/Mojo

45% Weapon (Sun Keeper. WD can consider The Gidbinn at 31-35%.)

Follower Magic Find

For all followers, no one can get any skills to boost their Gold or Magic Find, so there are only gears for them. Pre-game the devs repeatedly told us that the Scoundrel could actually boost your Item Finding, and you can see the icon of gold coins in the first Follower skill interface when they still had 12 skills, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the final game. Such a skill would logically have worked with his thieving, avaricious personality, so cutting it must have been a fairly late decision.

Maximum Follower Magic Find:

45% Rare Amulet

30% Nagelring

20% Rare Ring 

45% Weapon 

20% Rare Shield

0% from Follower-specific items

Maximum Gold Find Value

Characters can rack up quite a bit more Gold Find than Magic Find since Rares can have 25% rather than just 20%, and there’s one very notable Legendary too boost the total.

CheapDiablo Gold Find values

50% Amulet (Rare)

65% Ring (Legacy of the Wicked Dreams set bonus)

51% Helm (20% + 31% Perfect Radiant Emerald in socket)

25% Shoulders (Rare)

100% Chest (Goldskin)

25% Belt (Rare. The D3 version of Goldwrapis more like Iron Pyrite-wrap, with a lame 11-12%)

25% Boots (Rare)

25% Bracers (Rare)

25% Gloves (Rare)

25% Pants (Rare, or 21-25% from Depth Diggers)

Follower Gold Find

Since Followers don’t wear body armor (until the expansion) they don’t differ much from characters in their Gold Find values.

50% Amulet (Rare)

25% Ring (Rare, since no set bonus from Legacy of the Wicked Dreams)

25% Ring

25% Shield (Templar only)

10% weapon (Wirt’s Original Leg)


1. Maximum Total Magic Find:

356 for all 5 classes.

+ 32 (1/5 of 160% from Kormac)

= 388% Magic Find

2. Maximum Total Gold Find:

466% Gold Find for Monk, Witch Doctor, or Wizard.

+ 30% (1/5 of 150% Gold Find from Eirena)

= 496% Maximum Gold Find!

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