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Diablo 3 Guide for Barbarian Items Stats in Patch 1.0.7 PvP


For Diablo 3 players, one of the most attractive things for the game in recent days must be the patch 1.0.7 on PTR server. Although it is just available on PTR, you can enjoy these great changes before final Diablo 3 patch comes out. Compared with playing in PvE, playing in PvP mode really needs amounts of Diablo 3 gold as well as Diablo 3 items as you may be greatly damaged even killed with PvE items for PvP mode. Need to buy Diablo 3 gold or Diablo 3 items online? CheapDiablo will never let you down. Today I would share a post about Barbarian items stats in patch 1.0.7 PvP which is tested in PTR server!

Armor and all resistance for PvP

As I played in PvP, I recommend you to get your armor be 10K at least and all resistance be more than 1000 at least with war cry. The reason why I recommend this depends on my experience in PvP patch 1.0.7 on PTR. As I fight with a 300K DPS Monk in game, I can almost ignore his damage even though my Barbarian is with 120K DPS. Here, you can believe that armor and all resistance are the most critical stats to survive in PvP no matter which character you use.

Health Globe in PvP mode

As we know that health potion could affect how long you can fight in PvP duel mode. Health can impact the skills you used to attack and the fault you would make in game. So you will find that more fault you could make with getting health globe higher. But, in battle, all players just want to decrease the fault to the least. However, it may be better for you to increase the fault-tolerance to increase your battle capability before you really get that level.

Life Regeneration

In PvP mode, 2500+ Life Regeneration per second is the standard. Compared with life on hit and life steal, life regeneration is more important in duel mode. If you get high health in game, your confidence and damage ability will be increased. It is always helpful for you to run away and hide yourself to wait for your health recover if you find that your health is at low level. 

Control Impair stat

It seems that this stat always be ignored by most players. Although control impair skills are available for lots of players, control impair items is necessary as well. For instance, if you are a melee class like Barbarian and monk, you will notice that less control time can enable you to give more damage. Obviously, dexterity is the most precious stats in melee fight, especially for a Barbarian. When you fight with a melee player and find that your punch is dodged and blocked by the other, then you will be near death as your damage will not reach enemy now!

These are some important stats which I would like to share with all Diablo 3 players for patch 1.0.7 PvP mode. What we should do in PvP is just take consider with the adjustment of attack speed, critical hit chance as well as critical hit damage since it is a rather different experience like PvE! Start your Diablo 3 adventure now! For any need with Diablo 3 gold or items, just come to CheapDiablo to get what you need!

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