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Find Cheap Diablo 3 Gold and Farm Different Acts in Patch 1.0.7


People have been farming Act 3 for the last months due to the most XP per hour. But you actually don't get the most loot out of these Act 3 runs and definitely not the most Demonic Essences per hour neither due to more elites in Act 1 or 2. Getting running different acts smoothly, much Diablo 3 gold is very necessary. If you need to buy Diablo 3 gold online, welcome to CheapDiablo site! Today, I would share an analysis of why farming in different acts in patch 1.0.7!

I did a few tests on MP6 because higher MPs actually benefits way more now due to more XP per MP level and also higher drop chance of DE. I played my CM wizard with a HoTa barb. We actually came up with that Act 1/2 gave equal amount of elites per minute and that Act 3 had way more trash (which is obvious) but not as many elites. So if you want to purely farm loot and Demonic Essences you should try this Act 1 or 2 route out. I also counted goblins and events as elites, since they also have a chance drop DE and similiar loot sometimes.

Analysis for Act 1

You basically go to Festering Woods first and enter all the caves you usually find 4-6 elites in this area. You then WP to Cemetery of the Forsaken, an elite can spawn just at the WP and 1-4 elites in each crypt. You can now reset the game or do the pony level aswell where you will always find 4-5 elites. I found the most loot in Act 1 due to using the most out of 5 stacks, and it took 13 Minutes, finding 16 elite packs with the pony level and without it took 9 Min finding 12 elite packs. This run is much better than you might think.

Analysis for Act 2

You can either purely do Vault of the Assassin located in Desolate Sands, you will get a checkpoint here. You will find 7-9 elites in VoA. You can then either reset the route or do Black Canyon Mines aswell which grants the same elites per minute. I found the most Demonic Essences doing this run, the run took about 6 Minutes finding 8-9 elite packs (only Vault of the Assassin).

Analysis for Act 3

This is the Act most of you probably have farmed, it's the most XP efficient has the most trash mobs but not as high elite density like Act 1 and 2 has. In MP6 I usually found 1 elite pack per minute.

These tips are only an analysis according to personal experience in patch 1.0.7! For getting more tips for playing with patch 1.0.7, please catch with CheapDiablo! Cheap D3 gold buying, it’s no doubt that CheapDiablo would be your best choice!

The CheapDiablo Team

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