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Guide for Getting Hellfire Ring in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5


As Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 has been available for Diablo 3 players now, players just start their way to find out the best way to play with this new patch. As we know, there are two big changes in this new patch for Diablo 3 and they are Inferno machine and Monster Power system. Maybe you have noticed that hellfire ring is an important part in Inferno machine. And so here I would share a guide for getting hellfire ring in patch 1.0.5.

1. Hellfire Ring plans.

To make the hellfire ring, you should have the design of hellfire ring at first. You can get the design from the squirt with paying her 2 million Diablo gold. The jeweler must above level 10 to learn the design.

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 1

After learnt the design, there will be 4 methods to make the ring which are concerning strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality. You can choose anyone to be your major attribute according to what you want with your character.

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 2

Then you will see the three items that you need to craft the ring: Devil’s Fang, Vengeful Eye and Writhing Spine. All these three items are dropped from the BOSS in the Inferno machine. Certain BOSS only drop certain items and it’s not random dropping.

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 3

2. Inferno machine.

To build the Inferno machine, you still have to get the Blacksmithing plans at first which you can find from Nekarat the Keywarden in Act IV - Silver Spire Level 1. It’s recommended that you not to fight with this monster before you get level 7 and you’d better have full 5 stacks to fight this monster. Then you should also get three keys: key 1 is dropped from Odeg the Keywarden in Act I - Fields of Misery, key 2 is dropped from Sokahr the Keywarden in Act II - Dahlgur Oasis, key 3 is dropped from Xah'Rith the Keywarden in Act III – Stonefort.

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 4

After you get these three key and Inferno machine plan, you will be able to build the Inferno machine. Here you should notice that Inferno machine can be used only once, and it means it will disappear when you used it. So, if you need Inferno machine again, you should rebuild it with these three keys and Blacksmithing plan. 

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 5

To craft the Hellfire ring you have to fight three bosses: The Realm of Discord - King Leoric and Mahgda, The Realm of Turmoil - Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle, The Realm of Chaos - Ghom and Raknoth. Only at this time, you will be able to craft a Hellfire ring.

3. Use Inferno machine and fight the uber boss.

When you activate the machine, the Machine will then open a portal to one of three realms. Since you'll only be able to open one portal at a time, it’s a good idea that you can get three Inferno machine and if you are enough lucky, you will get all three items needed for crafting the Hellfire ring.

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 6

CheapDiablo Hellfire ring 7

Three realms mean three portal and three different kinds of bosses: King Leoric and Maghda, Ghom and Rakanoth, Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle. 

To King Leoric and Maghda, it’s better to kill King Leoric at first as when Maghda hits 75% hp she will put a invincibility shield on herself until every single monster including the Skeleton King is dead. If that wasn't bad enough you have to deal with constant Arcane Enchanted beams everywhere, as the Skeleton King keeps raising Skeletons and Maghda shoots her bug cloud at you. 

To Ghom and Rakanoth, it’s a good idea that choosing to kill Ghom at first. What you should notice here is that be sure that your character, Ghom and Rakanoth at the same screen so that when you fight with Ghom, Rakanoth can not kill you by moving to you quickly.

To Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle, maybe it’s the most difficult part. When you face with this pair, killing Zoltun Kulle at first may be a good choice as getting caught in his slow time bubbles while Siegebreaker chases you down only to be hit can be the most terrible thing. Then the game can be easier when Zoltun Kulle is killed.

This is the information about Hellfire ring and hope it can be helpful to you. If you want any Diablo 3 gold in crafting this ring, just come to CheapDiablo. 

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