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Guide for Getting Most GF/MF Out of Your Follower Pre-100 Paragon


What do you pay attention to most in Diablo 3? Is it Gold Find or Magic Find? Obviously, every one wants to get as much Diablo 3 gold as possible in game so that you will be able to exchange great gears or equipments for your character. To be a winner in game, of course that you can not ignore the Magic Find. Besides buying Diablo 3 gold online, you can find ways to improve your Gold Find in game. Today, I would like to talk about getting most GF/MF out of your follower pre-100 paragon.

Use your follower to make greater Magic Find

Gold Find and more importantly Magic Find are essentially the bread and butter for making gold within Diablo III. We all know that running without max Magic Find severely hampers our ability to maximize the amount of Rare and Legendary Items that we find. Pre-100 Paragon it's possible to use your follower to make up almost 1/10th of your total Magic Find (375% max Magic Find as of 1.05 - 300% from Paragon 100 and 75% from five NV stacks), which is a considerable amount, especially when any one of those drops from the extra percentage could be your "big money drop".

Get difference betwwen MF works on your follower and your hero

Magic Find works differently when stacked on your Follower than it does when directly equipped to your hero. Instead of a direct 1:1 ratio (1% on gear is 1% added), Magic Find works in an unrelated manner. As an analogy I present the following situation. You buy 50 water bottles from a water vendor for $1.00 each; the total cost comes to $50.00. As an alternative the same vendor brokers you a deal where you buy 75 water bottles but you only have to pay $65.00. The total cost goes up, but the cost per bottle goes down. Follower Magic Find works in a similar way; the more Magic Find on your follower the lower percentage transfers over. Stacking as much Magic Find on your Templar as possible does not work in a direct carryover. The base rate is a 5:1 ratio or 20%; for every 5% Magic Find your follower has, you gain 1%.

Pay attention to how carryover system works

Now being aware of how the carryover system works we can aim to maximize our Magic Find on our Follower, thus maximizing the output and carryover onto our hero. Below are the Magic Find caps for each corresponding piece of gear our Follower (Templar) can use:

Item – Magic Find Max (%)

Shield – 20%

Amulet – 45%

Ring – 20% (Legendary Rings excluded)

Mainhand – 45% (Legendary Only)

Many people don't take full advantage of their Follower's Magic Find abilities and I hope this "guide" has shown how interesting with using your follower’s Magic Find! For any need with buying cheap d3 gold, please feel free to come to CheapDiablo!

The CheapDiablo Team

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