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Safe Diablo 3 Gold Buying Site Shares Great PvP Ideas in Patch 1.0.7


Blizzard has publicized the progress that they are working with PvP system in patch 1.0.7 several days ago. And you may have noticed that PvP system is available for all players on PTR now. Although it is still on PTR now, for PvP system, there are many topics about it and every player is taking efforts to prepare well for the new patch. Today, CheapDiablo, a safe Diablo 3 gold buying site, would like to share some great ideas about PvP in patch 1.0.7 with all Diablo 3 fans!

Different builds engaged in PvP

In some cases, it seems that Diablo 3 needs a PvP game that engages the different builds, embraces the fact that some people will be OP no matter what you try, and leave it to the people to come up with exactly what is the best. For instance, buffs! Where people think these are generally a weak spot in most games, if they are done correctly, they can be game changing. Buffs player's fight over would be the best. For instance; say there is a tower standing in the middle of a room. This tower gives the entire team a degrading critical hit damage buff. By this I mean that over time, the percentage it gives the player lessens. As soon as the opposite team captures it though, the buff flops to the other side with no warning at all. All it takes to capture this buff tower is one click, even at your last dying breath.

Team-based bosses in Diablo 3 PvP

Each team has a boss, and all damage they deal to it is will give the boss health. Players could guard their own bosses, while trying to kill the bosses in our opposing team. You could even have multiple bosses for added challenge. As well, to add some diverseness, bosses could spawn with random attributes (just like elite packs). Both team's bosses would need to be the same, of course, but instead of "life steal" or "extra health", the monsters would have things like "+ to accepting healing (Instead of 50% dmg converted to health, they get 75% from the players)", or "-1 vit for every tick of damage they take". Things like this would add more feel to the game, and keep things real.

Team Spawn Point in PvP Game

What if the spawn point was random every single time? This would induce chaos, and the random number generator could be blamed for many a loss. The good thing about no re-spawn countdown is the fact that everybody hates them. If a game made a balanced way to eliminate that god damned death penalty I would love them forever. Having to run back to where you were is bad enough in a fast-paced game and adding a death timer into the mix is the pure essence of evil. It is an evil so great that it commands Diablo himself!

No matter you have experienced the PvP on PTR or haven’t done that, you still need to get well prepared for the new patch until it released in near future! For preparation job, collecting as much Diablo 3 gold is always the first job for every player. Whenever you need to find a place to buy cheap d3 gold, CheapDiablo is in preparation to provide you best service! Have fun!

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