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Tips Recommended for Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Best Follower


Have you noticed the topic about "gearing up your follower" on the Blizzard week’s forum? Many players had their own ideas for the follower, but what are your ideas? Which follower do you prefer to use? Have you got any great ideas for using these followers in the game? Have you equipped your follower with great Diablo 3 items? Here I would like to share some ideas about Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress as the follower of demon hunter in Diablo 3.


If you are in early level in the game, maybe you will be not so strong enough and even be chased around the whole map. Now, Templar can be a good choice you as he is capable of healing, buffing and drawing enemies away from you. At beginning, it's better to get Heal Skill of the Templar at Level 5. What's more, you can use Loyalty at Level 10 for life regeneration for your follower and for your own hero to get a better result. To keep your enemies away, you can get Intervene skill by Level 5 while to let them slow down, you can use Intimidate skills by Level 10. Onslaught is the powerful ability at Level 15, while if you want stun enemies in even 8 yards, Charge skill may be a better choice for you.


It's known for most players that Scoundrel is more potent for a follower. If you need a quick and easy boost to cause more damage, then the Scoundrel is the best one to use. Poison Bolts and the Crippling Shot are the first two skills by Level 5. Crippling Shot can be used to slow down enemies and then you will get an amazing result by letting loose Poison Bolts. Of course, there are other skills for Scoundrel that Dirty Fighting can turn your enemies blind and Vanish can let him escape and heal up. The Scoundrel's final two skills can increase your chances in tiny percentages and its damage is increased for your hero. But it's a pity that he can not bring anything fresh to the table for your hero.


Compared with Scoundrel I talked, Enchantress can be a good follower for bring new things to the table and your hero. This follower appears in the latter part of Act 2 and helps a lot in the aspect of crowd control. It can surely slow down even the big demon hordes. She can render a lot of protection to your chosen hero along with protecting herself as well. This is with the help of her Powered Armor or some Reflect Missiles all at Level 20. When she is surrounded with a lot of enemies, you can enable her to unleash the Forceful Push by Level 15 and scatter all your enemies. You can better serve with the Charm to draw some aggression from your enemies and leave you with fewer monsters to eradicate. What's more, you can also use her Focused Mind skill by Level 30 to increase the speed of her attack and make her a lot more of a killing machine.

Different followers just have different advantages, what you should do is just get the best result with any of them. Any need for Diablo 3 gold or Diablo 3 items, welcome to CheapDiablo! Enjoy your time!

The CheapDiablo Team

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